img_4119CHILDREN’S MINISTRY:  Here at Calvary, we are committed to showing God’s Love, teaching the truth and helping each child develop a personal relationship with God. It is our goal to help each child learn to Glorify God by becoming Disciples that Know and Live God’s Will.[MORE]



IMG_0928[1]YOUTH MINISTRY: The student ministry of Calvary Baptist has chosen the image of the wavewalker as an overarching metaphor from the Scripture to represent the task of making disciples of high school and middle school students. The story of Simon Peter miraculously walking on water is found in Matthew 14:23-33.   It was Peter’s trust in Jesus  allowed him to actually step out on the water.  [MORE]



img_0565ADULT MINISTRY: Adult life is tough! Being an employee, spouse, parent and friend can be challenging and it’s even tougher if – in addition – we are trying to live the life of obedient disciples of Christ. To help encourage us in our various roles in life and to equip us in weathering the challenges of living in a very unchristian culture, we have various adult fellowship and learning opportunities throughout the week. [MORE]



img_0111SENIOR MINISTRY: You’ve worked hard, raised your family, and now it’s time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors over the years. However, while we may retire from the workplace, we never retire as disciples of Christ. [MORE]




img_0687PRAYER MINISTRY: Prayer is an integral aspect of our relationship with God and a high priority at Calvary Baptist. Our goal at Calvary is to promote personal and corporate prayer by: providing opportunities for those personally in need of prayer; encouraging believers to seek a deeper and more consistent prayer life; and equipping those in the Calvary Baptist family with the prayer tools that will enable them to strengthen their relationship with God.  [MORE]


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