Prayer is an integral aspect of our relationship with God and a high priority at Calvary Baptist. Our goal at Calvary is to promote personal and corporate prayer by providing opportunities for those personally in need of prayer, encouraging believers to seek a deeper and more consistent prayer life, and equipping those in the Calvary Baptist family with the prayer tools that will enable them to strengthen their relationship with God.

Some of the opportunities for prayer at Calvary include pre and post service prayer times, a daily email prayer chain, and a telephone number where prayer requests can be left 24/7.  In addition, we host various special prayer events which include a national day of prayer service, a special prayer service for Christians being persecuted internationally, prayer walks, Amazing Grace healing services (utilizing a non-charismatic format), Concerts of Prayer (entire days set aside for corporate prayer that are connected with a specific emphasis), an annual prayer seminar, prayer quilting (quilts that are constructed for those in need in an atmosphere of prayer and then prayed over by the church), and more.

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